Las Vegas Green Saver

Cut Your Las Vegas Power Bill by 35% Guaranteed!!!Green Saver Las Vegas NVRecaptures all the wasted power sent back to the power company The power company gets to keep the wasted power you have already paid for. They do not credit you back for this. The GreenSaver recaptures this waste and recycles it back to your home or buisness. This saves you hundreds of dollars a year in energy costs.


Conditions Your power By making it cleaner and more user friendly for all your electronics and appliances. This extends the life span and allows them to run cooler and more energy efficient Your home stereo and home theater will sound much better. Your TVs picture will be noticable more defined.


Surge Protector Protects all of your sensitive electorial consuming appliances against surges and spikes that can damage and destroy them. Especially computers and plasma T.V.’s


Lightning Protection Protects your whole house from lighting strikes. $10,000 coverage against damage


Installed by our Licenced contractors


Financing Available Payment plans available. We accept Visa and MasterCard.


Money Back Guarantee Satifaction or your money back. No Question asked. Hassle free


Adds to your Home Value Makes your home more attractive to prospective buyers by showing the below average electric bills.


Installation Installed in your existing electrical panel by a qualified technician. Not unsightly.


12 Year Warranty